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'What's the difference between credit repair and debt consolidation?'

 A credit repair company specializes in helping the consumer remove inaccurate items from a credit report using the credit report dispute process to achieve this goal.  

A debt consolidation company helps repair your credit by working out payment plans with creditors and getting interest rates reduced or eliminated by arranging an acceptable payment plan for those debts.

Knowing the difference between credit repair and debt consolidation is important.

Learn about your rights as a consumer.

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Credit Assistance Network, Inc.
Title: Credit Assistance Network, Inc.
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Depending on your unique credit situation, their strategy will change according to your situation so it's crucial to discuss your credit scenario and your personal credit goals. One of their credit repair analysts will provide a thorough analysis and advisement and discuss the results with you. Some of the areas they specialize in are negative credit reportings, credit scoring, how to get good credit, managing debt and advice based on your short-term and long term credit goals.